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Courage and Strength ...

Jocelyn, the courage and strength you displayed in leaving your marriage
is reflected throughout this inspiring book. Crossing the line sounds
so simple, but we know it is anything but. A huge congratulations

… Dr Ilsa Evans, PhD, researcher of the long term effects of
domestic violence. Author of ‘Battle Scars’ and other books.

Engaging, insightful and courageous ...

I read Josie’s book with much anticipation, having already known a little
of her story. I picked it up to have a short read of the start, only to find
that I couldn’t put it down. Her story is engaging, insightful and
courageous but, most of all, it is human as she shares her thoughts,
fears and self-doubts until she breaks through with not only hope for
the future but excitement for the new journey ahead. Josie's story
would be an inspiration and hope for the many others who may find
themselves in similar circumstances.
... Lyn Laver, Lawyer, Toastmaster

An arduous and harrowing journey ...

Josie has come through an arduous and harrowing journey. Her easy language will help make the trek easier for women who have to tread a similar path. The real message is to take action, believe in yourself, Cross the Line and live your life. Continue to grow and inspire, Josie. … John Ware, Dale Carnegie Trainer

All about transforming lives...

Congratulations Josie on your inspiring life story. As you know I am all about transforming lives through health and diet. Your book shows people how to transform their lives in quite a different way. There is a real power in personal stories and I believe many will be inspired by reading ‘Choosing to Cross the Line’. I wish you well… Dr Sandra Cabot, author of ‘The Liver Cleansing Diet’

Thought provoking and inspirational ...

The first chapter hooked me. Josie’s expose of her odyssey from domestic abuse to ‘her own woman’ is thought provoking and inspirational. A must read! ... Lisa Raimondo Clinical Nurse

Brilliant ...

Your book is brilliant. I felt choked up reading it. ... Tracey Wyllie Nurse Educator

A great inspiration to women moving on ...

Jocelyn you are a woman of courage - hope and resilience and a great inspiration to women moving on - congrats on such a great and inspirational read ...
Donna Justo, Director, Domestic Violence Prevention Centre GC Inc