Jocelyn Leckie, speaker, verbal and emotional abuse

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Josie’s passion as a speaker is to deliver the message that abuse
within our society is unacceptable.

Abuse in the home is not a rare problem it is just rarely
admitted as one.

We need to create a dialogue to bring about a changed consciousness
to emancipate those trapped in domestic violence relationships and
make an easier passage to exit those places of disempowerment
and degradation.

We need to create user friendly social services to support and encourage
victims / survivors in their passage through and beyond violence.

Currently the social services, the foundational pillars of our land; justice,
health and child support agencies are often vehicles to further humiliate,
disempower, thwart and hinder access for those who need it most.

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Josie specialises in speaking to Women's Groups, Service Clubs, Charity Groups and Health Professionals.

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